Toronto East Harbour | 214.2m | 65s | Cadillac Fairview | Adamson

ok thats alot of info, but basically they are allowed to abandon pipelines with permission They have to apply to "remove the pipes" as in litterally dig up the pipes and remove them
To be clear this pipeline has been "abandoned" since 1995, quotes because thats the legal definition, more like "pipeline shutoff"
This is related to the port-lands redevelopment, and it seems this is "phase 3" of a 3 phase removal of the pipes themselves

This is a port-lands related project. That pipeline (used to) extend all the way down into the portlands until 2020 or so when it was removed below commissioners street

Seems like its that tiny building in the back.
Someone wanna pull up the East Harbour designs to see if this building was removed in them?

Anywho heres a photo of the site.
1701566295149.png, what's an abandonment application? Sounds like they're giving themselves permission to leave something to rot.
The new gas main (the installation of which screwed up Lake shore traffic all last summer) probably means they do not need the pumping station there and they are 'tidying up' and moving on.