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Apr 24, 2007
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This one flew under the radar.

A four-building purpose built rental complex, with 444 residential units and some streetfront retail units, located immediately south of Mount Pleasant GO Station. The tower will be 26 stories, with a second, six-storey midrise slab, and two three-storey rows of stacked townhouses.

This is a very promising TOD project.

Construction is already well underway with a tower crane rising overhead.


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You reported on this one last year! :D

You reported on this one last year! :D

That was a different phase, which hasn't started yet. This complex now under construction is to the east.

The UT projects map is really lacking for Brampton, making it hard to search for projects.
This one was the subject of a presser from the Feds.

From the above:


@interchange42 this one needs a pin on the map!
The current phase south of the Mount Pleasant GO Station is nearing ground level. It won't be long before this starts rising.

Another phase is planned to the west of Creditview Road (but still a short walk to the GO Station), will add another 890 residential units -- 32 standard townhouse units, 39 stacked townhouses, 324 stacked back to back townhouse units, and 495 apartment units in 12 and 15 storey buildings facing Bovaird Drive. City staff are recommending approval; there has been no public opposition.

See Item 7.13 for more details: https://pub-brampton.escribemeeting...a=Agenda&lang=English&Item=77&Tab=attachments

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