Cumberland at Yorkville Plaza | 125m | 40s | Camrost-Felcorp | WZMH


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Dec 8, 2011
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This rendering looks better than the original one, but I still believe that as a top architect like WZMH, it could bring in something much better in Yorkville rather than another typical Toronto box. Com'on, please keep polishing their design!


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May 16, 2007
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Cumberland at Yorkville Plaza (Camrost-Felcorp, 38s, P+S/IBI)

This is kind of a compromise, but it still has OMB outstanding decisions that make it more confusing:

from the report:

Top of the Tower
When considering the overall height of the proposed south tower, the Official Plan Area Specific
Policy 211 and the Urban Design Guidelines set out areas called the Height Peak, Height Ridges
and Low-Rise Areas. The intent of these policies and guidelines are to direct the tallest buildings
around the Yonge and Bloor Streets intersection, known as the Height Peak. The Height Ridges
provide a transition in scale from the Height Peak with lesser height and physical scale than the
Height Peak, and in a form compatible with adjacent areas. Along the Avenue Road Height
Ridge, the height and density permissions generally diminish the further north one gets from
Bloor Street.

The subject site is located along the Avenue Road Height Ridge as identified in Official Plan
Policy 211 and the Urban Design Guidelines. The proposed 125-metre tower is located north of
the 86-metre building located at 150 Bloor Street West. North of the 125-metre tower is the
existing 100-metre former hotel, which forms part of this application. The 125-metre height
exceeds the height identified on Map 2 of the Downtown Tall Buildings Design Guidelines of 62
to 107 metres. The proposed 125 metre height is greater than what would be anticipated by the
Height Ridge policies in the Official Plan's Area Specific Policy 211, especially when
considering the views of the OLA building.

When considering the appropriate height of the 38-storey, 125-metre, south tower the possible
impact on the views of the OLA building is assessed. The Official Plan's Public Realm policies
(Policy 3.1.1) state that scenic routes with public views of important natural or human-made
features should be preserved and, where possible, improved by maintaining views and vistas as
new development occur.

The Urban Design Guidelines recognizes that the Avenue Road Corridor sits between two visual
termini, the OLA building and Upper Canada College. The Downtown Tall Buildings Design
Guidelines states that no building will interrupt or rise above the silhouette of the OLA building
when viewed from any vantage point along College Street at the intersection of University
Avenue. Moreover, in October 2012, City Council, adopted Official Plan Amendment No. 203
(By-law No. 1321-2012) respecting the protection of views of the OLA building. This
Amendment is currently under appeal at the OMB. The Applicant for 21 Avenue Road is one of
the appellants.

In December 2009, Planning staff recommended an overall height of 116 metres at this site, to
preserve the visual integrity of the OLA building. Since Planning staff brought forward that
recommendation, City Council and the OMB approved the height of 133 metres on the site. In
light of these previous decisions, Planning staff are recommending that Council consider a lower
height of 120 metres plus a 5 metre sloped mechanical penthouse to limit the visual impact on
the silhouette of the OLA building when viewed from College Street.

Planning staff has assessed the visual impact at College Street and find that the top of the
building (above 116 metres, which is the 38th floor and the mechanical penthouse) is only visible
from the northbound lanes of University Avenue. When standing on the sidewalk at the
northeast corner of College Street and University Avenue, the tower is obstructed by the east
connector portion of the OLA building. When standing on the centre median, southbound lanes,
or the north west sidewalk at College Street and University Avenue, the proposed tower is
obstructed by the centre block of the OLA building.

In light of these previous decisions on this site, Planning staff recommend that Council consider
a reduced height (125 metres) than the previously approved height (133 metres). An Official
Plan amendment is required to permit the proposed height, given the OMB have yet to issue the
order reflecting their approval of the 133 metre height limit. Staff also recommend that Council
require the Owner to close the file for the previous approval at 21 Avenue Road at the OMB and
request that no Order be given. As well Council should require the Owner to withdraw their
appeal of Official Plan Amendment No. 203 (By-law No. 1321-2012) respecting the protection
of views of the OLA building.

The mechanical penthouse for the new 38-storey tower steps back approximately 7 metres from
the east and west above the top residential floor at 120 metres. The mechanical penthouse is set
back 4 metres from the Cumberland Street property line and slopes from a height of 2 metres up
to 5 metres, reaching the towers absolute height of 125 metres.

The north face of the tower also projects above the height of 93.5 metres, which is the same
height of the base of the mechanical penthouse of the existing north tower. A portion of the
north façade projects incrementally 0.4 metres from the 31st to 38th floors. Planning staff find
this acceptable as it creates greater interest in the skyline with limited impact.


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May 1, 2007
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The Junction, Toronto
College Street is the weakest standard for the preservation of the OLA's view corridor there is, and we struggle to even achieve that. The city document notes that the tower will be visible from the northbound lanes of University Avenue at College. Yet the vista extends far beyond College to the south. This is really pathetic, and it's very neglectful for the Province not to step in.


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Jun 24, 2011
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That's awful and uninspired. Looks like a depressing place to be.

what a ridiculous comment on so many levels. for one, this is a very basic representation of what the space will look like - certainly it will look less "depressing" in real life (or when rendered in a more detailed fashion). also, the space is being given up by the owner for purposes of allowing the public to enjoy it. i would suggest that, especially in this part of town, such spaces are welcomed and should be encouraged. i only wish it were to happen more often.


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May 23, 2007
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Hopefully the 38 floor building will be tall enough to enhance the view plane looking north from University Avenue. Currently, the view looking south is 100 times better than the view looking north. When you look north you're left wondering where the city went.