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Toronto Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

Sat., May 13

This Sat., May 13 only, there will be no subway service on the portion of Line 1 between York Mills and Bloor-Yonge stations. This closure is due to Automatic Train Control (ATC) adjustments at Eglinton Station, to allow trains to be repositioned to a new section of the platform.

With the northern platform extension now complete at Eglinton Station, northbound trains will be stopping approximately 24 metres further up the platform. This new platform extension will provide customers with an easy connection to the future Line 5 Eglinton. Customers using the stairs and elevators at the south end of the platform will need to travel approximately one subway car length up the platform to access the train.
After six and a half years, the sidewalk in front of Eglinton Park has reopened to pedestrians!


They have been saying that for years now. However, there are still people who don't read, listen, or see the news on any format.
It does illustrate rather well though that the general public is easily confused and we shouldn't entertain ideas like superfluous bus route or station renumbering a or renamings to fit a system only foamers understand.

To that end, I'm not sure I follow the logic behind renaming Eglinton West to Cedarvale. It doesn't add any extra wayfinding context in the way a renaming to, say, Eglinton-Allen would. And I don't accept the argument that it would cause problems for the station to keep its old name... it doesn't cause problems that the 32 bus shows To Eglinton Station instead of To Yonge Street. Renaming the station is just a pointless expense. if people are used to something, it should not be changed superfluously.
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