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Since there is already a station named Centennial on the GO network, and since there's a station on the previously proposed Scarborough LRT that would be called Centennial College, I think there might be some push back against that name.
If they're trying to name it after the school, then it should probably be 'Centennial Ashtonbee'. That eliminates the duplicate at Centennial GO at least.
Or just Ashtonbee.

In all seriousness though, what's wrong with Lebovic? It's an original name for Pete's sake.
In all seriousness though, what's wrong with Lebovic? It's an original name for Pete's sake.

If you don't mind this.

The Town of Aurora has filed several charges against a development company and its two owners after claims that more than 100 trees were destroyed to make way for a golf course before it was approved by the Ontario Municipal Board.

The town says 118 trees, including ash, pine, cedar, maple and oak, were injured or destroyed in the area of Leslie St. and Bloomington Rd., without a permit.

A resident complained June 17, the city says. After an investigation, nine charges were filed against West Hill Redevelopment Company Ltd. and its principals Joe and Wilf Lebovic.
With due respect to Mr Lebovic, whom I know nothing about, but would if he deserved to have a station named after him.....he is just so far down the list of names of deserving people that if the policy is going to be to name stations after people, he should wait his turn. Same with Mr Hakimi. There are far more deserving Canadians, living and/or deeased.

- Paul
They could do away with the Ferrand, Lebovic and Ionview stops tomorrow and I don't think hardly anyone would even care or notice; except to be grateful for the faster travel times their omissions would cause.
It this the same Lebovic that the street is named after?

Yep. They are the ones that redeveloped the old GM factory that used to be here into the wonderful big box centre we have today.
The Metrolinx board meeting begins at 2 pm. Watch it live here:
This is great. I sent an email to Richard Pritchard at Metrolinx yesterday but I thought the board meeting was yesterday and so my email would be after the fact. Of course, he may be so upset at the email he will push ahead with all those ridiculous names (if he even bothered reading the email that is)
"There's a difference between station naming, and station wayfinding."

They're mentioning how the major cross roads will have their names embedded into the walls of the stations.
is there a reason I cannot access video or is there none? Just realized audio only unfortunately. Perhaps if there was video and they knew we could see who is coming up with these crazy names they would come to their senses
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