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Don't get your hopes up. The names are placeholders just like they had on Finch West till they finalize a bunch of random names
In the past from what I recall they just used the name of the cross street alone as the placeholder name. I could be wrong though.
Pulled out the "design vision" for y'all - click the link for more info, including more on each station.
Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 13.21.18.png

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 13.21.26.png

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Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 13.21.36.png
My initial thoughts for the stations:
  • I would prefer fully protected elevated stations - rather than exposed to the wind/rain/snow.
  • White/grey colour scheme is pretty dull, even with the "pops of orange".
  • I do wish that Metrolinx would have artwork - vitreous enamel or mosaic pieces are very low maintenance and cheap to construct
  • Disappointed by the "on street" bicycle parking instead of indoor, secure bike parking
  • The only underground station with two entrances is Martin Grove-Eglinton? I hope there's improvements for crossing the street!
  • Nothing about substantial canopies for waiting bus passengers at cross-streets - such as at Jane Street for Rapid TO. (Metrolinx claim "More space required than is available" for Weather protected connections to other transportation). Implementation of the Jane-Eglinton Access Hub for Wheel Trans?
  • Surprised to see that a transit parking lot is not being considered at Renforth
  • Also surprised to see that retail and cafes in stations is not being considered - "more space required than is available" - even at the elevated stations? Seems an easy way for Metrolinx to get some income and provide the local community with a cafe/small supermarket etc
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Let's be reasonable. There can't be multiple exits on the street corners as on Yonge street downtown. Clearly there are too many constraints for that.


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Funny - they certainly squeezed an entrance onto the green space in the corner of Osgoode Hall. There's a lot more room in this aerial than down there at Queen and University. Nothing in the way except a few trees, right?

The only "constraint" that I can consider reasonable is - there may need to be a minimum clearance from that big gas main, and it makes sense that the clearance be in meters and not inches. The fact that (at Kipling) Doug and Rob Ford sold off available land to a developer does not consitute a "constraint" in my book - let's demolish a couple of those town homes and build an extra entrance, the land deal will still break even with the cost of that adjustment.

I could live with a single kitty-corner exit that would reduce the maximum number of street crossings required to one (from two). There needs to be very good shelter provided at bus stops, and ample measures to slow traffic and ensure pedestrian safety. These are some of the most dangerous crossings in the city. It may be true that we can't build underpasses due to "constraints" - but that does not mitigate that risk profile of those intersections. So other measures are needed.

- Paul
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Let's be reasonable. There can't be multiple exits on the street corners as on Yonge street downtown. Clearly there are too many constraints for that.


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Yeah the reasoning they're giving us BS. You're going to dig down for the entire 90m length of the underground stations. There is no space or infrastructure constraints for that? Then I don't believe that there's constraints for adding a secondary exit just like they did for Martin Grove.

There's a different reason that isn't as user-friendly that they don't want to use for this.

And the entrance doesn't need to be some gargantuan opening. Something small to accommodate an elevator and a set of stairs. All intersections have this space available at the opposite side of current station buildings.
Unless mistaken, the natural gas mains are on the south side of Eglinton Avenue West in Etobicoke. That is understandable NOT have entrances on the south side.

However, they could put secondary entrances on the north side of Eglinton Avenue West, so people will not have cross the cross roads.

If no secondary entrances, then hopefully, there will be pedestrian refugee islands that are large enough to hold a bus load of people crossing with wheelchairs. Ones that are set back away from the main intersection. Hopefully, with camera detection instead of beg buttons to control the pedestrian signals.

From link.

With RAISED crossing for the pedestrians and cyclists, which would force the motorists to slow down to go over the humped crossing.

From link.
Pulled out the "design vision" for y'all - click the link for more info, including more on each station.
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Looks like the stations does meet the architectural design requirement in Toronto that the finishings must meet one of the 50 shades of grey only.

Cannot be brown (like tree trucks) or green (like leaves or grass), nor any of the fall leaf colours. The colour schemes must match the colour of the roads, sidewalks, or the grey concrete buildings we are so fond of. Even the support pillars of the elevated sections must be grey.
Urbantoronto members, can I please ask you to fill out the survey that's in the below link? They are asking for feedback on the station colours as well as any feedback to the station designs shared. Please review the material shared and click the link in the website to access the survey.

Metrolinx Crosstown West Extension Survey

Here are the 3 things that I have included in my feedback:
  • Colours are bland and sterile. Please move away from plain gray/white walls to more warm colours that will make the stations more inviting.
  • Second entrances on the opposite side of the station should be included at all stations. The excuse of "space availability and infrastructure constraints" need to be further explained as Eglinton has the most space amongst all major thoroughfares in the city and the only major infrastructure is the gas line on the south side. This means second entrances should be possible for Kipling, Islington, and Royal York stations as well.
  • The designs of these station boxes needs to incorporate a future build of Transit Oriented Developments above these single storey station boxes. This is prime real-estate that needs to be taken advantage of, especially in this time of critical housing shortage.
Please use the above and add your own thoughts to your submissions. I don't know if Metrolinx will listen to us, but we can sure as hell try to make them see reason.
Another update from the Eglinton West LRT Twitter account:

Definitely a well made video on how the tunneling happens. It could be a little more clearer on how the TBM does the installation of the tunnel liners and subsequently pushing off them to further perform the tunneling.