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These towers are interesting. They're very much part of the generic, cookie cutter design language of the area, but their scale is impressive. That being said, my own preference for brutalism has left me sort of disappointed the balcony lining walls weren't left as a painted concrete exterior to house the larger inset balconies from.
Perhaps if these buildings were built in an area with more masonry buildings, like say, (and this is PURELY) hypothetical) St. James Town or an equivalent where it sort of rises as the peak in an already dense apartment neighbourhood, these would read more as an intriguing contribution to the local landscape. But with the quantity of similar clad and coloured buildings, it diminishes any real redeeming qualities of it. (Not that this is a novel design or anything).

I have enjoyed watching these rise, but I think it's mostly because of the scale...seeing this massive concrete structure rise really reminded me of something dystopian, not quite like The Glass Inferno, nor say, more contemporary films like Skyscraper. (neither of these works I directly know of, only having heard them in passing).

I will say their presence fascinates me. Their immense scale makes them a landmark, and I suppose that's really the only characteristic they have to distinguish them from the rest of CityPlace. Other than being the tallest things on Spadina's east side as you look south from say, Bloor, or Casa Loma/Spadina House.
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Do we know what this pokey outley bit is for? I assume that's the amenity level, but design-wise - just because?
they had to do something to break up the otherwise boxy monotony! it's unfortunate they couldnt have given this thing some different colour from the other dozens of neighbouring buildings as well.