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May 23, 2007
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As it is now over two years since the last blip on the radar screen from this project, we can speculate on reasons for its dormancy.

Might they be hoping to acquire the low rise buildings on either side of it before proceeding with an expansion and redesign?

Or, has this gone to the OMB possibly?

It could possibly be at the OMB. Apparently the city approved it (from what I understand), so it would have to be some other group objecting if it is in fact delayed due to an OMB appeal.

I think that with the Bell Lightbox going in next door, sales would be good for this building. If you cant afford to live IN the Lightbox, might as well live next door to it.
Big News!

Just returned from the second of Adam Vaughan's two "pre-application development proposal presentations" this week. On tonight's roster were this site, the Joker site, 287/291 Richmond W / 117 Peter and 60 John / 12+18 Mercer.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the session until after this site's presentation had begun, so I'm a little sketchy on the details. From what I gather, the site has been acquired by a new developer who has also acquired at least some more surrounding land and is planning to make a new re-zoning application with a different proposal.

He claimed that no definitive plans existed for the new development, and unlike the multi-view renders, shadow-impact studies and floorplans of the others presentations, this guy was limited to taping to the wall a copy of a survey with highlighter marks on it. As for the additional sites that have been acquired, they at least include the city-owned laneway that runs along the eastern boundary of the existing site. Another attendee told me after the presentation (but was far from sure) that the new developer had also put at least one of the north and south neighbouring properties under contract, and maybe both (or one conditionally).

The only indication he would give as to built form was that it "wouldn't be taller than the 42-storey Festival Tower" but that they would be requesting more height than the original proposal had already secured.

Entertainment District Planning Meeting

Date: Monday, April 14, 2008
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Location: Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 304

There will be presentations about the following projects:

§ 21 Widmer Street
§ Nelson/Duncan/Richmond
§ Peter/Richmond
§ Adelaide and John
§ 352 Front Street West (at Blue Jays Way)
  • Current approvals exist for 25s & 289 units
  • Daniels aquired parcel to east (where festival tower sales centre is)
  • Daniels wants to aquire public laneway on east side of site
  • Plans to consolidate into a new development parcel
  • Laneway north of Festival Tower to remain
  • New proposal is 44s point tower with 6s podium
  • 13.42 FSI
  • Tower has a variety of sweeping curves
  • Tower is articulated and the north elevation is concave
  • The 'concave' edge reduces the floorplate towards the middle and expands at the top
  • 21 Widmer is planned to be 60 feet shorter then Festival Tower
  • Retail at grade on Adelaide
  • Condo entrance on Widmer + 4 townhouse units
  • Artscape is interested in using part of podium (where townhomes are planned) for new affordable performance space
  • Family amenity area in podium
  • Family sized units (3 bdrm +) planned in podium
  • Amenity floor on 21st floor to visually break-up appearance of tower
  • Some reduced cost units may be provided to Habitat for Humanity
  • 250 Residential parking spaces & 100 public commercial spaces
  • Granite banding to be embedded in sidewalk around entire block (also in front of Festival Tower & Pinnacle development at John & Richmond)
I was lucky enough to get a look at some of the renderings for this project and I gotta say, the design is amazing.. very modern looking
I was lucky enough to get a look at some of the renderings for this project and I gotta say, the design is amazing.. very modern looking

My architect friend reported that the renderings for Widmer are a stark reminder that the same firm designed the New York Towers (the obscene faux beaux arts buildings at Bayview and Sheppard). Reminiscent not so much in style as in crappiness.

(But I haven't seen 'em yet)