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Feb 9, 2010
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The previous communication from CIBC Square on Sept 6. No current update if this road closure is approved yet.

“Crews expect to start the structural demolition of the viaduct overtop of Yonge Street on the weekend of October 22, 2022. This work will require a full closure of Yonge Street (all northbound and southbound lanes) from Friday at 7:00AM until Sunday at 10:00PM continuing on consecutive weekends through November 26, 2022.”

Pictures from Monday night.


Converted riding lawnmower with lights.


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Dec 14, 2017
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Unusually detailed community update:

Construction Update

Dear Neighbours,

Below is a brief update on the CIBC SQUARE project.

Overbuild Park

On the northern portion of the Park, construction teams have finished slab-on-deck work. The final phase of steel framing will connect the Park to the 141 Bay structure.

On the southern portion of the Park, we have completed the installation of Roxy Paine’s 72-foot sculpture, coined New Amalgam. Paine is widely recognized for his Dendroids series of stainless-steel sculptures. The stature and elegance of the branches forming the New Amalgam represent the growth and connection emerging from CIBC SQUARE with the crossroads of transportation, communication, energy, and commerce.

Construction at 141 Bay Street

Work continues to progress at 141 Bay Street. On the west side of the site, slab-on-grade is complete at P3. Suspended slabs at P2 have been formed and pouring of these areas is ongoing. P1 suspended slab forming has started at the far west end of the site.

On the east side of the site, slab-on-grade at P5 is 75% complete with the balance anticipated for the end of the month. Ramp walls and vertical P5-P4 elements in these areas have been formed and poured, with forming of P4 suspended slabs upcoming. The Suspended slabs at P4 & P3 directly adjacent to the core on the east side have been formed and poured.

The concrete core is ongoing from Level 5 to Level 6.

The installation of structural steel nodes at Level 3 required for the building’s unique and complicated cantilevered structure is complete.

Enbridge has now completed initial installation of the underground gas line needed for 141 Bay Street. The balance of work will be completed once demolition of the Yonge Street Viaduct demolition has finished.

Yonge Street Viaduct Demolition

Demolition of the Yonge Street viaduct is scheduled to start on Friday, October 28, 2022. For the safety of area residents, visitors and workers on-site, demolition will include a full closure of Yonge Street’s north and southbound lanes from Fridays at 7PM until Sundays at 10PM. Work will continue for six consecutive weekends, and is expected to be completed by early December 2022.

The northbound and southbound lanes on Yonge Street are expected to be open during weekdays, operating normally in both directions.

We recognize the noise and environmental impacts of this work on our neighbours and continue to take steps to reduce those impacts wherever possible. Noise levels will unfortunately be elevated during this period, which is why work is commencing during daytime hours with a break each week. Also, whenever possible, we’ll be mitigating dust by completing wire cutting and applying water to tamp down dust.

When are we working?

The following working hours are expected at CIBC SQUARE:

  • 7AM - 10PM Monday to Friday: Regular working hours at 141 Bay Street as permitted by the City of Toronto
  • 11PM - 5AM Monday to Saturday: Overnight work in the rail corridor for the park overbuild
  • 9AM - 7PM Saturday: Regular working hours at 141 Bay Street as permitted by the City of Toronto

We thank you in advance for your patience during this phase of construction. For any questions or comments, please email us at


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