Toronto Canary House | 50.3m | 13s | Dream | BDP Quadrangle

I like the colour!
…to be fair, it’s not really the colour that’s the issue. Rather how they achieved the colour here. That is, one hopes that they…you know, would have used real brick. >.<
We talk a lot about grey spandrel on this site, but crudely painted-over brick is an aesthetic vulgarity in its own right.
It doesn't appear to be the only high caliber project that's doing that...

...and follow recent member photos.

Not sure what they're been putting in the developers' water of late. /sigh
Members on UT board: we want more colour on buildings in Toronto!

* sees this building *

Members on UT board: No! Not like that!

You stole my joke! But yeah, there are clearly a small number of safe colours.

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Honestly it's not the colour that's the issue here, it's more the application of it - if the bricks had all been that colour but the mortar was regular coloured it might not be so bad, as well as regular stone colours for the lintels etc - this was just done very cheaply and for many that kinda communicates a lack of respect for the building.