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Beyond The Sea 
Lake Shore Blvd W at Legion Rd, Toronto
Developer: Empire Communities

Beyond The Sea | ?m | 44s | Empire | Richmond Architects




Website, but no info or renderings yet.

According To Filip on SSC:

Beyond the Sea Condominium – Legion Road and Lake Shore Blvd

The following are some of the basic details as provided by the developer, Empire Homes at a presentation to HBSCA in October 2006. These are subject to revision with the final plans.

1. GFA - approximately 365,000 sq. ft (of which approx 350K residential,15K commercial/retail ground along Lakeshore) - all net of GFA deductions. This is approximately 30k more than present approvals

2. Units - approximately 485 suites, mix of types, average about 720 sq. ft /unit (ie. 350,000 sq. ft/485 units = 722 sf / unit) - subject to detailed marketing and design

3. Heights:
* 3 storey base building along Lakeshore (mixed commercial/residential)
* 36 storey tower - about same height as main tower as Marina Del Ray and as approved for the 2005 proposal at C of A
* 27 storey tower - 1 storey higher than original 2003 approval
* Slender shape point towers (about 6500 sq. ft. floorplates)- about 1/3 less than approved in 2003 - better views/openness to and through development
* Landscaped terrace with pool/recreation amenity link two towers
* Townhouse units along Legion and facing future City park (north)
* NO above grade parking structure (parking garage underground)

4. Legion Road Lights:
* As part of the original approvals the developer is responsible for the installation of traffic lights at the corner. HBSCA will be pushing to have these very important signals installed as soon a possible after C of A approval is given


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Yup - this is the Mistral site. The second developer had another name for it. Chrysalis maybe? That was True North from Edmonton, who have since returned whence they came. Third time's a charm maybe? We await the renderings...

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