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Good find. You can tell by the pictures this unit was purchased to be rented - - everything is standard. Actually the price is not bad.
There used to be a 570 square foot one bedroom for rent a few weeks ago on Craiglist and they were asking $1,350.....not sure if this is the same with a lowered price or a new ad.
BTW, people should really read their documents. Renting a unit prior to closing is clearly a violation of the contract. It is clearly pointed in the sales agreement.
January 12 2011 update

Aria's looking good ~

Liking the building details
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Any interior pics on this one? specifically re suite finishes [i assume the common elements are months away]?
Any interior pics on this one? specifically re suite finishes [i assume the common elements are months away]?

hoping that TheProfessor can help in this regards (pics for the common elements would be greatly appreciated~)
I will try and snap some pics this week-end for you guys. The interior common elements are in fact quite a ways away, though some more than others. The grand lobby is well on it's way, probably another month or so and it should be 100% complete. The main corridors are nearly complete with carpet starting to be installed just yesterday. Areas like the pool, virtual golf, etc. are all quite a ways off, at least six months if not more in my estimation.

Suites appear to be complete up to about the 9th floor I'd say. I no longer hear work being done above me which would suggest they're considerably above my floor.
Wow, this thing is embarrassing. It's 2011, and they're seriously still doing the Chedingtonista shlock gag?
The sales office called me on Christmas Eve to schedule a PDI appointment. I was obviously on vacation - I actually bothered to call them via long distance to leave a voicemail indicating I would return their call on the day of my return. After that they continued to hound me for 2-3 weeks to schedule a PDI appointment despite my voicemail. So I called them as soon as I got back, the person who answered the phone actually acknowledged they got my message (so why did they continue calling?).

So I had my PDI today - I'm in phase 1. It is still a complete mess and the builder "forgot" to schedule a cleaner to clean up my unit prior to PDI. I can't believe they actually forgot about cleaning it after all the persistent hounding for 3 weeks.

When I entered my unit I must say I was horrified by the condition and extremely disappointed.

There were dust and scrap pieces of building material everywhere on my UPGRADED hardwood floor and granite countertop - i could not check for scratches AT ALL. My UPDGRADED washroom tiles had a crack and looks like it was traumatized and had a hole in it - the girl tried to tell me it's the "pattern", hmmmm.....fruit for thought. The shower heads in both my washrooms were missing. A kitchen cabinet door was missing. As I was testing the water in the unit, i opened the toilet seat, bad move. Human feces! OMG.

The girl who conducted the PDI was very apologetic about the condition of our unit, however, she couldn't reschedule our PDI and didn't even have our unit's file on hand - she had somebody else's.

Despite all that, I was pleasantly satisfied with the surrounding view OUTSIDE of my condo. I just hope these things are all cleaned up when I get my keys.
Hi Bobofung and thank you for posting your PDI experience here. What you are describing is truly disappointing.Knowing myself, if this happens to me, there will not be a PDI at that day. Anyway, the feedback from few other owners about their suites was quite positive, so I hope what you saw there is more of an exception and not a general negligence of the builder. My PDI is in about 2 weeks.... I probably should bring a professional cleaning team with me :)

I'm sorry to hear of all the issues you experienced during your PDI. When I did mine in November I too walked into a suite that had dusty floors, through everything else was clean and complete. Did you have Nadia doing the PDI with you? I found her to be fairly inexperienced and clueless......unfortunately she is also the one you will deal with on a day to day basis for addressing any deficiencies found in your suite during or after your PDI.

Would you mind telling me what floor you're on? I would guess you're around 7th or so.
Sheppard & Leslie Condos

How do I obtain information about these condos? Photos? Pricing? Move in dates? Have they been fully occupied?

What are everyone's thoughts of the condos?

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