Toronto 980 Lansdowne Avenue | 101.14m | 36s | Neudorfer | Gabriel Bodor

By popular demand, here's a bit of a closer look at the cladding:

The cladding is striking for being just typical window wall, if all for the sake of cheapness... It did give me some thoughts though.

The salmon and cream colors are actually quite pleasant, this is just an incompetent way to use them; stuck in a weaving mess of mullions that contrast very harshly...

I always hoped more developers would just embrace bright coloured spandrel (like Library District condos) since they were going to be cheap anyways; at least the city wouldn't be a blanket of grey, but this is taking that idea a bit too far...

Like in some regards, the materials being pretty uniform all the way up may actually make the design feel decently cohesive. I'd really need to see much more on the tower though to definitively say if I think it's truly bad or not. That's not to defend how cheap they are being here, it's quite laughably incompetent in many ways, but honestly I think this could be far worse minus the warmth (cue the Toronto grey.)
Actually, that's a pretty fair assessment so far. It looks cheap and goofy, but I don't think it's terrrrible.

I kind of expected to get something even worse than this.
Neudorfer will always be an enigma. They actually cared to put in an effort on the townhomes just north of here fronting Lansdowne, and the nearly identical ones further down towards Wallace/West Toronto railpath. Along with a lot of warehouse heritage restoration in Davenport Village.

But when it comes to highrises, they're basically like: "alright screw it, let's just put whatever up there already".
i will compare it to the Rosedale on the Bloor project. it's not ugly and it's not the best looking either, it's just a decent looking building.