Toronto 954 Broadview (Estonian House Redevelopment) | 50.5m | 14s | Diamond Kilmer | Graziani + Corazza

No new renderings are updated in the database! However, there are some minor information changes. The total unit count decreased from 214 units to 197 units. The total parking spaces remain the same at 88 parking spaces. The total building storey count dropped by from 16 storeys to 14 storeys. The total building height decreased from 56.40m to 50.5m.
New rendering was taken from the architectural plan via Site Plan approval. The unit count changed from 197 units to 183 units. Finally, the total parking space count changed from 88 parking to 79 parking.

PLN - Architectural Plans - 2of2 - DEC 8  2022-11.jpg

PLN - Architectural Plans - 2of2 - DEC 8  2022-11a.jpg

PLN - Architectural Plans - 2of2 - DEC 8  2022-11b.jpg
Don't know what's going on here, but this one still doesn't have NOAC.

Initial permit applications for demo and new build were filed last year, none has been issued (not going to be if you don't have NOAC, generally)