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Apr 24, 2007
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Ward 16 - North York District

All properties: 1855 LESLIE ST , 801 YORK MILLS RD

Zoning Bylaw Amendment application for the proposal of two 21 storey towers, and a 9 storey mid rise building. A total of 636 residential units, 2015 sqm of grade related retail space fronting onto York Mills Road and 670 proposed parking spaces.
I was wondering when we'd be hearing word of some kind of development on this site. It's been begging for redevelopment!

Now for that waste of space shopping plaza on the north size that creates huge traffic jams...
Current main building involved along York Mills:


Also includes the parcel along Leslie which is currently Brown's Animal Hospital. The addresses in the application doesn't seem to include the plaza right at the SE corner of York Mills & Leslie though (799 York Mills), where Sleep Country, Sketchley, and Big Smoke Burger are.

Aww c'mon now really, that corner retail lot couldnt be part of this? This is inches away from being a home run, just acquire the lot and incorporate that into the development First Capital! The day that corner lot is developed, i guarantee that it's going to be one of the most awkward developments we'll have ever seen.

Nevertheless I love everything about this proposal.
Does anyone know if the building that is right of centre in the render, behind the corner plaza, on Leslie is also part of this proposal? It seems excessively close to the houses on Hurlingham. Browns Animal Hospital currently sits at that location.
As per the front page article here on UT (via First Capital's submission to the city):

It doesn't bother me the corner plaza is not included. The development already screams the standard towers on podium development.
It doesn't bother me the corner plaza is not included. The development already screams the standard towers on podium development.
Whatelse did you expect here? I'd rather this than let's say, rows of townhomes which would be extremely ill-suited for this site.
The preliminary report notes that the required parkland under the by-law is not fulfilled by this proposal.

The proposal includes a 561.5 square metre public park at the southeast corner of the subject site of which 32 square metres is encumbered by an easement. The total parkland dedication requirement is 1,642 square metres of unencumbered parkland.

That's about 1100m2 shy of the requirement.

Had a quick, crude, measure of the omitted corner parcel. Roughly 2,700M2.

The City is also keen to see the office space preserved in any new development:

Additional issues identified on a preliminary basis include:The existing building at 801 York Mills Road has two storeys of office space above ground floor retail.The current plans do not show any office space. The City is interested in maintaining office space in the proposed development.

Finally, as mentioned above by poster @billyt23, the City is reviewing whether the height/siting of building C is appropriate.

The proposed development includes a 9-storey mid-rise building (Building C) located 8.6 metres to the residential neighbourhood to the south. Staff are reviewing the application to determine if a mid-rise building at this location is appropriate and the suitability of the transition between Building C and the residential neighbourhood to the south. This building also does not fit underneath a 45 degree angular plane from the neighbourhood which may also result in issues related to overlook and privacy.