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Nov 24, 2008
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It’s fine. The corner treatment is textbook Tall Building Guidelines. Material selection and detailing will be critical. This looks more like the Page + Steele side of IBI (the brick and spandrel mullions kind of give it away) so I am a little concerned. The more clean and contemporary stuff coming out of IBI (like most of CentreCourt’s recent projects) has been very strong and I hope that strength makes it into this project.

Looks like the corner property refused to sell although the story could be something else. So often we see these small time landowners convinced they hold the golden key to adjacent development but in reality they hold out too long and miss their once in a century chance to get paid full development market price. Oops. But these leftover pieces do make for a neat urban fabric.

Very interesting how there is no parking proposed directly under the building. Instead it ties into the existing garage that runs a long way south. Here is a screenshot of the P1 and then the P2 level below.