Toronto 332 High Park | ?m | 4s | Terra Firma Homes

Whats the deal with this project? Dead? I live across the street and haven't seen anything going on here for over a year.
It's not the best but at least it's scaled properly for the site. I have no hopes that that garage is salvageable for anything.
The garage was demolished this week. It's a pity, it had a lot of character.
Construction is underway, there's no sublevels so no excavation and it's going fast. Looks like they're just finishing framing the garage (1st floor).

It's pretty much complete. I'm pleased to say that aside from the charcoal brick used on the ground level, for the stucco they went with a nice dark purple, almost eggplant colour, which I haven't seen anywhere else. A bold choice, and an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.
It's a truly hideous colour and it's clear they used stucco to save money over the token brick they used on the front facade.
It's really saying something that the colour in the renderings is even worse. But this one is completely out of context on the street and is going to look incredibly dated very quickly.