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Jan 29, 2011
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The towers are “ok”. The origional ones were nice and the podium but then it changed. The second option, great podium crappy towers... now cheap looking podium boring and the towers are... every other city type looking. What’s with these people. Who makes these decissions fire them fire them now. Lol ok a bit much but seriously. How do you go from what was to what is now. Slowly downgrading anything interesting about the entire project. I’m with you Isaidso. Amoundgst a few downgraded project. I hope they realize they have to have something outstanding once and a wile. In the city. Those happy with these downgrades should move to some Chinese cities where every single building looks the same. All out dated looking apartments looking as if they were built I the mid 70s entire cities like that. It’s happening here just with glass instead of stucco or solid walls which in the end will only end badly for Toronto.