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Apr 22, 2007
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Proposal for 6 buildings ranging from 6-16 stories at 289-291 The Kingsway and 1-7 St. Steven's Court. 603 new units with 162 being replacement rental units. Humbertown on the rise!



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In situations like this wouldn't it make sense for the city to insist St Stevens Court become part of the development? A nothing street that would no longer need to be maintained. For the developers they would have more land to build something larger.
That popping sound you are hearing is the sound of 1,000 Humbertown NIMBYs having simultaneous strokes. Music to my ears. Let the wailing and rending of garments re-commence, and let Rob Ford wander through parking lots with magnets while Dave Price stands guard with a collapsable police baton. Etobicoke, thyne comeuppance is nigh. Our sagacious creator has finally dispatched the discomfort and agony of urbanism and density repay you for the "gifts" of Chris Stockwell, Doug Holiday, the Ford Bros and all the rest. I only wish you would suffer more.
Though I wonder: how many of those NIMBYs were actually *residents* of St Stevens, or anywhere within that Kingsway/Anglesey walkup node? Methinks that a lot of those who are furious at the threatened loss of their shopping nucleus might be a little more gung-ho re the replacement of the "blight" to its north...
I have relatives who have lived in the immediate area for decades. They welcome the Humbertown redevelopment with some hesitation (actually, they were against it until I showed them the video of the great proposal that was posted here a while back), but they absolutely can't wait to see all those 50's apartment blocks go. I have to admit, I've always hated them myself, so I'm rather giddy that their end is finally coming. I demand gorgeous, modern mid-rises lined with retail, restaurants, and cafes!
Two OMB pre-hearing conferences took place in 2016, one in February, one in May. It was noted at the May meeting that the parties were considering OMB-led mediation, but that a full hearing, if needed, would occur in January 2017.

A year after that, there was no hearing, no evidence of a mediation, and no other news to provide. Has anyone heard anything?

Ward 04 - Etob. York District

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Proposed replacement of 5 rental buildings with 5 new buildings . Exisitng 17 storey building to be retained.

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Site Plan Approval 18 126601 WET 04 SA Mar 8, 2018 Under Review
Please let there be at least some space for retail here. This dead stretch needs to be animated. Lots of space for cafes and restaurants, and would make a natural extension of the proposed Humbertown redevelopment.