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Mar 8, 2010
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Another big new tower development in Brampton. I believe this would be the tallest building in the city if approved. Actually quite innovative architecture given the usual dreck proposed in Brampton.

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This was previously a Sears outlet store, and before that, a warehouse. To the immediate south is a facility where concrete structures (culverts, utility holes) are built, with several permanent cranes installed. I think that's the only yellow flag for this development. The Region of Peel recently built a social housing tower just to the east, at Hanson Street, so there's precedent for new residential development on the south side of Queen here, which has been industrial and low-value commercial since the 1960s.

The city has been building some very attractive community centres and libraries recently, but I'd agree that most other newer buildings are, at best, forgettable.
Who ever did the drawings has quite an imagination. Reality and renderings can be very different, obviously, but holy smokes! And an LRT!?
Can someone please add Brampton to the thread title? I clicked on this thinking it was downtown.
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A revised application is being recommended for approval:

A two-phased development:
Phase 1: 2 towers with heights of 33 and 38 storeys 1,860.05 sq. m of commercial space, 8,688.05 sq. m of office space,
50,238.31 sq. m of Residential: 652 units comprised of:  12 - studio units  173 - one bedroom units  120– one bedroom + den units  194 - two bedroom units  144 – two bedroom + den units  9 – three bedroom units
Phase 2: 32 storey tower with30,562 sq. m of residential: 374 units comprised of:  30 - studio units  86 - one bedroom units  95 – one bedroom + den units  105 - two bedroom units  10 – two bedroom + den units  48 – three bedroom units
A total of 934 underground parking spaces, including 729 parking spaces for residential, commercial, and office components, 205 visitor parking spaces
FSI: 5.76

There were delays due to sanitary sewer capacity in the area, and Phase 2 will be held subject to the opening of the new east-west public road and satisfaction from TRCA.

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