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Sep 2, 2011
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Looks like the existing 4-storey medical building and surrounding site (just east of Avenue Road) are looking at redevelopment. There is a KRCMAR surveying sign on site, and the property is listed on Colliers:
Quote from the Colliers page: "Excellent redevelopment potential for a luxury residential development after 2016"

The image of the site below is also from the Colliers listing:
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A nice building from outside, but the interiors are very outdated - esp. for a medical building. I park on this plot to go next door to my Family Dr. - the plot generates a good amount of money from parking. I could see how it would be more economically viable to sell the plot than to upgrade the building - it's sitting on some prime real estate.
If we're going to lose a Peter Dickinson building, even one of his minor works, we should be looking at some quality city building with great architecture and more density.
What kind of height do you think they can pull off here?

The condominium and apartment complex on Rosewell has heights mostly at 5 storeys, but the building fronting on to Lawrence is 8 storeys. Since it is directly across the street from 250 Lawrence West, 8 storeys would be my guess.
I wonder if the developer will try to be more ambitious, like The Brown Group at 1674-1684 Bayview Ave who are pushing for 9s in a residential area.

Avenue and Lawrence is a fairly significant local intersection.
Just give us some retail on Lawrence. Lawrence is almost strictly residential between Yonge and Bathurst. Virtually zero retail. Aside from single-family homes, the trend in this area has become McMansion-style mid-rise development on Avenue Road. Whatever we see will likely have terraces to the north. There is a park to the immediate south and single family homes on Glengarry to the northeast. I live kitty corner from this site so I will be keeping an eye on this one.

Well now you have me curious...

I would be quite surprised if it was something interesting, as the gold standard around here is pretty bland...
Well this is Christin Carmichael Greb's ward. So it is to be expected that any shitty developer would be allowed to build anything they want here. I'm not holding out for a aA or Core.