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Nov 13, 2009
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Community Meeting for Proposed Development at 2175 Keele Street

City Planning staff have received an application to redevelop the former Humber River Regional Hospital-Keele Street site at 2175 Keele Street with a new residential neighbourhood. This new neighbourhood would be comprised of townhouses and mid-rise apartment buildings, all with below grade parking, a new public road, a park and a natural open space area. In total, 731 residential units are proposed on four blocks that would front the new street having access from Keele Street across from Greenbrook Drive. A total of 724 parking spaces are proposed. Planning staff is working with my office to hold a community consultation meeting about the proposed development: February 10, 2016, 7:00 p.m., in the Council Chambers at York Civic Centre, 2700 Eglinton Avenue West.

From Councillor Di Giorgio Feb 2016 Newsletter
A total of sixteen new residential building are proposed, ranging in heights from three to eight storeys and having a total residential gross floor area of 57,405m2. Two mid-rise apartment buildings are proposed along the Keele Street frontage with a six-storey building north of the new public road and an eight-storey building south of the new public road. The interior of the site would have a total of 14 buildings consisting of six mid-rise apartment buildings and eight townhouse blocks, ranging in heights from three storeys to six storeys.
They have increased the area from 120 metres to 400 metres for notices going out to landowners and residents notifying them of the community meeting. It appears there is another building next door (I think storage building) that is also up for sale now
The old Northwestern General Hospital (Keele Street site) was pretty much mothballed after the merger with York-Finch and Humber Memorial Hospitals in 1997, part of the Harris-era health restructurings. Only some outpatient services remained, as did the inpatient mental health department.

The Northwestern and Humber Memorial sites were closed late last year, moved to the new Downsview site. The Memorial site is a bit more complicated as the deed for part of the property with the Town of Weston required that the municipality get first right to buy it back, for no more than $835. It's being dealt with through legal channels.

The York-Finch site is still operating, but with limited outpatient services.
That said, countless television and film productions have shot in the former hospital in the years since since it was shuttered - dozens and dozens of times. You want a large, ready-made hospital set? You pony up your cash, then go there, put up your own graphics and set dressing, and start shooting.
Updated renderings from May:
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