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Front page story here, with a few stats, and some local context info.

I love how the setbacks are proposed to be in unison with the building just south of it. If only the Remenyi proposal could follow suit.
The Remenyi proposal is clearly an exercise is asking for the full 3D limits of your lot and seeing what you can get. I'm sure that proposal will be trimmed down on all sides.

That being said, I think there's an amazing opportunity here to build a stretch of interesting facades on tights lots, in an organic and design-forward way. Similar to the design effect being done at Mirvish Village in an organic city growth kind of way and without it being one big building masquerading as many.
I like this design but based on how they handled 60 Colborne, I don't have high hopes.

I hope the Remenyi proposal gets a design change- it's too cold and industrial looking for this stretch.
60 Colborne was Freed/Carterra and designed by aA.

None of them are involved in this project.
And they did a pretty great job with it AND they're still not involved with this project.

Preliminary Report to the May 19th meeting of TEYCC.

From said report:

What a loss in a project. This had great style and would have made the area 10x nicer. It would have looked beautiful at street level. Is there a way or Can we get a listed of examples or something of what is to be realistically expected style wise for towers and structures in this city. Or pass a law that say you can only produce a render of what would be approved. And then built. This process of here our idea ... no try again... here’s our new idea... no try again. This is a ridiculous waste of time money and effort.
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