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2 St. Thomas 
2 St. Thomas St., Toronto
Developer: KingSett Capital, Bentall Kennedy

2 St. Thomas | 80m | 26s | KingSett Capital | Hariri Pontarini

Discussion in 'Buildings' started by Archivistower, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. I've not seen these renderings before. The second is a clever use of a photo / drawing to illustrate how well the buildings go side by each. I guess that's what happens when they are the same architect.



  2. mark simpson

    mark simpson Guest

    stone to the top?

    like the lowrise ... not sure about the highrise
  3. Martinsizon

    Martinsizon Guest

  4. The high rise is allright. Nothing great. Nothing bad. But I really like the low rise. Actually, I think a neighborhood of nothing but modern low rises like the one above would be absolutely fantastic.
  5. Ed007Toronto

    Ed007Toronto Guest

    I actually prefere the tower. Too bad about the facadism.
  6. rxj71

    rxj71 Guest

    Where exactly is this one - is it right beside 1 St. Thomas?
  7. Lovely - except for the facades of those squalid little apartment buildings. I guess they had to placate the NIMBY's by incorporating them.
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  9. It's these months of quiet desperation that send me looking for new renderings to keep me happy.

    His site also has a large, quite nice rendering of the Bay/Davenport proposal that the city hates so much and keeps defeating. There are also a few renderings of Vu that clarify the point towards Adelaide - having seen those, I am now a Vu fan.
  10. cdl42

    cdl42 Guest

    Would you kindly consider posting those as well?
  11. DarnDirtyApe

    DarnDirtyApe Guest

    Are you serious?!? Those are really nice buildings. Certainly better than yet another "Toronto Style" grey pre-cast highrise.
  12. ganjavih

    ganjavih Guest

    Wow, that's nasty facadism... they didn't even try.
  13. cdl, I posted Vu images in a separate post. On another note, what is it with architects websites? There's a graduate thesis out there somewhere on how controlling, misleading, hard to use, and obscure these websites are, and what it says about the profession.

    Architects should be forbidden from using flash.

    I actually thought the Hariri site was not too bad - but I discovered on one computer that I use that only one image per project shows up, while on the other multiple images show up. Some setting issue, evidently, but what I find horrible is that on the problematic site you could enter and leave the site without knowing there was a problem, or that there was content you had no idea about.
  14. I like the tapering tower: being across from ridiculously white 1 St Thomas, the whitish look for the solid elements of Minto's exterior means that 1 St Thomas might not stick out like such a sore thumb.

    I don't know why everyone's so coocoo for cocoa puffs over 1 St Thomas. It looks a bit silly to me. Hariri Pontarini's plan has more dignity (older facades aside - I assume they're just plain stuck with those).

  15. buildup

    buildup Guest

    Could you expand on your comments, they are a little academic for me. The problems center on "sticking out, being white, and silly"?

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