Toronto 1602 Queen Street East | ?m | 6s | Assembly Corp | SMV

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That's either gonna look great or look terrible. Materials, materials, materials.

Still, glad to see some proper infill on this stretch of Queen. It's in desperate need of some juicy densification.
The buildings rendered on either side of the building above are not at all like what is actually around 1602 Queen East. (Check the other images further up the tread to see what's actually there.) It makes me wonder if Old Stonehenge has misidentified the rendering on their website.

I suspect there was some aspirational reaching towards what they'd want the neighbouring properties to ideally look like. Kind of like an inverse of the condo in a lush green meadow effect. It's set to an urban landscape but enhanced to look more contextually attractive.
Done with nice materials I would not object to this type of building being built throughout the city. It's not the most wonderful building ever but as a baseline background standard, this is pretty good - especially the fine-grained streetscape.

The densely varied experience at human scale that goes on forever on many of our big east/west streets is one Toronto's best urban features IMO and major intensification of these great streets (which should and inevitably will happen) could damage that characteristic. Like even if it ends up being an ugly building it doesn't even matter on the balance it's still a win because most of Toronto's most interesting places are built in fairly bad looking but accessibly adaptable small spaces.