Toronto 150 Pearl Street | 180m | 57s | Conservatory Group | Richmond Architects

A zoom-in:

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42, a quick question, is the planning still able to ask for some major revisions (e.g. height, style, setback) in the site planning application? Or is it already sort of finalized?
Hey @SkyCloudJC, it appears that this LPAT decision from January clears development here. I can only assume that the drop to 57 storeys from 59 is one of the outstanding matters that is mentioned in paragraph 15, so it's probably not too big a lap to assume that the other matters have also been resolved. What we're looking at now is likely what we're getting.

What a mess. Something like 31 sherbourne would've looked much better at this location but instead we get some uninspired, glass box with alternating balcony motif. Already can't wait for it to be covered up by adjacent buildings.
This lot has been fenced off for years and doesn't directly relate to the Conservatory Group project (it serves as an extension of the adjacent paid parking lot).
Yes the podium looks a little confusing to the eye . But the tower is not that bad having dark glazed windows and black trim with that funky facade look . As seen in the photos up above.
Those four story tall structural concrete columns straddling the big wall of window wall looks brutal!!