Toronto 128 Hazelton Avenue | 37.9m | 9s | Mizrahi Developments | AUDAX

Imo it's a nice warm grey and a quality finish compared to the building next door. It's certainly more expensive than standard aluminum paneling and far superior to plastic spandrel.

I think the black crown as pictured in the rendering would have cheapened it even more and would have been too top-heavy.

Although I think black would have worked nicely for the window frames. While Im iffy on the current window frames I love the warm grey railings.
Finishing up around grade and in the public realm. Looks quite nice, actually; some borderline Upper West Side vibes.

I like this style buildings. They’re warm and inviting. We need more of them to balance out the glass monotonie. Aaand ... they have landscaping. Wow. Unusual for Toronto sidewalks.
It’s everywhere in DC Chicago etc

Lots in Seattle too; several centres are ahead of Toronto in this; though, we have been doing it for a while now, but at a very small scale; perhaps a dozen spots across the City; a few more if you count traffic islands.

But this will shift.

The entire Portlands and Lake Shore Blvd East public realm is based on alternate ground covers (alternate to sod/bare soil) with a heavy focus on native plants and perennials.

But it's working its way in smaller streetscape projects as well.
The window elements still bothers me here. Least ADRM's pics above does well in the attempt to obscure them.
I love the "ghost window" recesses/alcoves in the first and last photo. Forget the architectural term for them.
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