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Apr 24, 2007
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Narrow site to work with here. It's currently a 1-storey plaza Circle K convenience store on Pleasant Blvd, just east of Yonge Street. It's also one block south of St. Clair, and across the street from a subway entrance.


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Absolutely. Having just a convenience store with a big parking pad in front so close to a subway station is a complete waste of space. I really hope something comes from this. Nice-looking project in its current iteration.
Just a question but are those who make the changes seeing these said changes. Compare the old with the new. What looks better honestly. Clearly the first option. Why the big downgrade in appearance. I wonder what the people who come up with these things what theyre own houses or condos look like.

Maybe that transparency would help us all know what we can and can not have in the city before all process happen.
A dense, car-free, narrow, mixed use building replacing surface parking on a street flanked by beastly above-ground parking garages. Makes for a satisfying case study of a city clawing its way back from the depths of car-centric development.
I like this proposal a lot. Infuriating to know the City will fight it and the process will take years longer than it needs to, driving up the cost of housing and delaying much-needed supply.

Would be very happy to be proven wrong but not holding my breath

I agree, though I think the City has painted itself into a corner with projects like this. Their prior opposition and constant adherence to Guidelines regarding tall building setbacks and massing has effectively killed the potential for them to support development like this while trying to be somewhat consistent across applications. And of course the dreaded "P" word you hear at almost every meeting.....precedent....