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Take the Short-Term Accommodations Survey

City of Mississauga

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May 15, 2017
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Are short-term accommodations good or bad for Mississauga?

The City of Mississauga is asking residents to share their thoughts on short-term accommodation (STA) in the City by taking a survey.

On June 8, 2016, Council directed that City staff examine the issue of short-term accommodation and consult with stakeholders including the Mississauga Real Estate Board, Mississauga Landlord and Tenant associations, along with the tourism industry to develop appropriate By-laws, if any, to address the situation.

Since that time, staff have been consulting with the public and stakeholders.

City staff are proposing these and other changes to the Zoning By-law that would help regulate STAs in Mississauga:
  • establish a registry or licensing program
  • permit short-term accommodations in detached, semi-detached, and street townhouse dwellings in principle private residences
  • limit the total number of days that a unit is rented per month or year
  • define short-term accommodations for regulatory purposes
  • ensure adequate parking is available
Public feedback received through the survey will be incorporated into a report with final recommendations on the future of short-term accommodations that City staff will present to Council later in 2017.