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Survey - 2010

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Nov 28, 2009
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Seeing all these people want to buy a home, this might be a good timing for a survey here. How many people did either buy or sell home (or invested housing) during 2009? Once, twice or more?

As at least 5 families I have known, they did it including myself. If most of people all changed hand in 2009, will this become a hint in 2010 less people will purchase / sell so the market will become slower? - just want to know if this is another convincing factor.

My first time to post a thread. Hope this topic is interesting at least to some of you.
same here, sold one in 2009 still waiting for the one I bought in 2007 - the one I plan to sell when X2 will be ready..
Maybe in addition I should expand the survey - how many family do you know (friends/co-workers) have bought / sold homes in 2009? (Real estate agent excluded from the survey) and, comparing to 2008, 2007 from the people you know?
Bought in 2009. One for investment and one to move in.

I personally know 3 others who also bought in 2009 and 3 others who will buy in 2010.
Sold my townhouse in Oakville on the first day of list in late february, 09
and bought a detached in Oakville, also, on it's first day of the listing.
bought the new place before we listed, so it was a little stressful.