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So that's what passes for a den?


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Apr 12, 2015
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The should make more smaller two storey units. This was my old pied-à-terre in Montréal plan. I had two ovens and one plaque, two islands that served 9 seated places, one fridge upstairs, one downstairs, integrated wet bar/bar/murphy bed/huge closet/desk area downstairs plus a big media center opposite that wall. And I had a stainless urinal with a sink underneath the stairs. Felt huge and I had a big terrasse. All of that for 520sf-ish.

Loft - Upstairs.png

Loft - Basement (final).png
The den is not so bad - it reminds me a lot of a friend's previous place. Picture 15 shows how a desk would fit in that den/nook. I'd opt for a longer and narrower desk myself though, or an L-shaped one. Should've opted for a ceiling light outlet too - part of it's current unappeal is how dark and dungeony it looks IMHO. My friend had the same long narrow nook for a den, but at least he did have big easterly windows to his back.
Any nook, dead space or even part of a wide hallway or a corner of a living room could be called a den as long as it could fit a desk.
I think it’s rather stupid and usually take dens with a grain of salt as most of them are not real rooms nor very practical. I’d rather see these spaces be combined with the living space to make it more spacious and comfortable.

Likewise, I have seen larger dens labelled as bedrooms even though they are not legally bedrooms according to building codes (floor area/dimensions, access to natural light, wall enclosures, etc.).
Interesting that there are no photos of the bedroom for some reason (maybe for good reason).
Likewise, I have seen larger dens labelled as bedrooms
I imagine many 1 bedroom + den condos intended for a single person or couple in Toronto have multiple family members in dens.

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