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Searching for Toronto condo owners -- with a story to tell


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Sep 18, 2012
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I work with an amazing award-winning documentary maker.
We are working on a film all about where people want to live.
We are looking around the world at some of the must innovative new vertical villages being built - as the city enjoys a renaissance like never before.

We want to talk to people at the centre of the condo boom
in Canada.

We are looking for condo-owners to talk to about their experiences in Toronto.
Did you buy into one of the towers that shed glass? Or had other construction problems? Were you affected?
What's your experience been like?
Was life in the sky what you expected?
Was it the investment you'd hoped? The lifestyle you dreamed of?

This is for a film that will air on CBC in 2013. I am looking for condo owners willing to go on camera and talk about their
adventures in condo buying.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Yvette Brend
Bountiful Films