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Scotiabank Cinema



CBC reports that Scotiabank has bought the naming rights for the big Cineplex dodecaplexes in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

It'll always be the Paramount to me.


Festival Hall to me. Fitting that it's right up the street from SkyDome.

What a stupid naming idea. No one is going to say that they are going to the Scotiabank cinema, especially if it is a rename. No one I know refers to most cinemas by their real name, but by their location or operator instead, as they're all the same anyway.


I'm off to the soon-to-be-renamed Paramount tonight for a big partay.

As long as Scotiabank
1) opens me an account loaded with free cash for movie tickets
2) takes all the commercials off the screen before the films
3) hires a personal popcorn shopper who will do my bidding when I arrive
4) cooridnates volunteers to get my uneaten twizzlers to Second Harvest
I will refrain from heckling this craptastic annoucement.



I read that earlier...what a ridiculous idea. I understand you want something in return for your money, but Scotiabank Theatre??? They could of at least left the paramount in the name...Scotiabank's paramount theatre.

I just hear all the kids out there from now on saying 'yeah, we're going to Scotiabank Theatre to catch a flick..wanna come?' it just rolls off the tongue.


So it's tied into some sort of loyalty program.

Now playing: Corporate sponsorship

Paramount will be Scotiabank Theatre under new Cineplex rewards program

January 24, 2007
Bruce DeMara
Entertainment Reporter

Banking and hot buttered popcorn.

Scotiabank and Cineplex Entertainment are using a Hollywood-style red carpet reception today to roll out a Canadian first, a rewards program for moviegoers and bank customers that will reward them with points towards tickets and concessions.

One of the most noticeable signs of the changing times is renaming the Paramount Theatre multiplex in downtown Toronto to Scotiabank Theatre, where the announcement will be made this afternoon.

The SCENE program will launch first in the GTA before expanding later this year to 129 Cineplex theatres coast to coast.

Moviegoers can acquire SCENE cards through a website and Scotiabank customers can get an updated SCENE debit card to earn reward points.

Pointing to statistics showing 63 per cent of Canadians between 12 to 49 go to a movie at least once a month, Cineplex entertainment spokesperson Pat Marshall said the program is set to expand when new partners, like restaurants, come on board.

"We're rewarding customers for doing what they already do: go to movies and do their banking," said Scotiabank spokesperson John Doig.

In a North American first, the bank has also purchased naming rights to "key" Cineplex sites in five Canadian cities, including the Paramount at Richmond St. W. and John St.

Ashwin Joshi, professor of marketing at York University's Schulich School of Business, said the rewards program seems like a smart move.

"It's a very good idea because it will be attractive to young customers. A 25-year-old is asking, `Do I want air miles? Travel's not high on my agenda or do I want movie passes? Movies are high on my agenda,'" Joshi said.

"(Young people) is a good segment to go after because if you can catch them early and keep them for life, you'll do well."

But Joshi was less keen on the new Scotiabank Theatres. "Live theatre, maybe. But do I want to go see Rocky at Scotiabank Theatre? It doesn't really do anything for me. I can't see strategic value in extending in that direction." Joshi said.

A sampling of customers at the Paramount yesterday tended to agree."I don't like it. It's a little irritating. It's like the SkyDome becoming the Rogers Centre," said Frances Maychak, 15, a regular moviegoer.

building babel

The Paramount is already changing ( as the sell out Saturday afternoon $20-a-ticket live opera from the Met crowd proves ) and I would imagine that a bank would have good instincts when it comes to separating people from their spare cash and building on that sort of success story. The former Paramount can be used for all kinds of similarly up-market screenings - and live events - once "clubland" goes the way of the dodo in a few years, the Film Festival Centre opens, and the whole district evolves.


Okay, I did a little reading up on this:


The rewards system will mean that if you sign up for just the membership card, you'll get every 11th movie for free. If you also sign up for a Scotiabank account and use the related debit card to purchase films, approximately every 8th film will be free. If you also agree to have Scotiabank tattooed on your forehead you get every 6th film free. If yuo name your children Scotiabank (and have them tattooed), they'll get free kids tickets 'til they are 12, and every 5th film free after that, and as their parent you'll get free becel for your popcorn, or every second butter free. Anyone carrying clearing visible Scotiabank paraphenalia in the theatre will receive a free pants or skirt pressing while they watch the film along with a complimentary recyclable paper modesty wrap. Anyone parking in the lot under the Scotiabank Theatre who has Scotiabank logos emblazoned on their vehicle is eligible for curbside assistance should their battery fail to start after the film, but Scotiabank logo-emblazoned vehicle owners should be aware that if their car is dirty, it will be towed to a nearby car wash during the screening. Complimentary directions to the car wash will be availble from the theatre manager once the vehicle owner has sat down with a Scotiabank representative for a course on proper vehicle presentation.


That's all I had time to read through. I'll go back for the fine print sometime.

opiated 42

Canuck 36

My reaction: So what?

I sometimes call that theatre the Paramount, and I'll probably call it the Scotiabank Cinema (or whatever it will be branded) over time as I have already adopted the 'Rogers Centre' for our beloved White Elephant.

If Scotiabank thinks this is a good move for their corporate brand extention, good for them.


My gawd...That's horrible!

Though I disagree with your second point, FM - I doubt sponsoring a Famous Players theatre will result in much marketing benefits as say a major league venue or performing arts centre.

Scotiabank got the rights to the old Ottawa Paladium-cum Corel Centre, isn't that enough for now?

Though since the 1950s, cinema architecture has generally been bad - no big loss at least.

I sometimes call that theatre the Paramount, and I'll probably call it the Scotiabank Cinema (or whatever it will be branded) over time as I have already adopted the 'Rogers Centre' for our beloved White Elephant.
Congratulations! You win free tuition to my de-branding re-education camp!

Learn to say with me....
CNE Colliseum
National Trade Centre
Pantages Theatre
New Yorker Theatre
National Tennis Centre
Peter Street from Bremner to King

Or face the consequences!

The use of the words "BMO Field", "Four Seasons Centre", "Air Canada Centre", etc will be relunctantly tolerated.

simply Dan

Considering Toronto is the financial capital of Canada, I'm surprised there aren't more bank-named or bank-sponsored buildings in the city.


Ouch! A bit harsh? (Then again, maybe I sounded a bit harsh there too with my attempt at humour)

If Paul Godfrey (the right-wing Toronto Boss Tweed wannabe) wasn't the one who both had taxpayers pay $600 Million in 1989 money then bought it again for $25 Million in 2005 money, maybe I'd be a little less bitter about it.