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Rob Ford's Toronto

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I think this book will prove to be the beginning of the end for Ford Nation. It's a complete vanity project by Doug and highlights how little charisma he has when he's not reflecting Rob. He has no ideas, can't tell a good story and has no personal experience to back up his delusions of grandeur. He's just one of hundreds of small business executives splitting his time between Toronto and the US.

Mike will soldier on as a backbench councillor, Rob will be forgotten and Doug will pop up at every PC fund raiser like a bad case of the herpes.

Ford Nation the book is not Doug's launch pad to provincial politics. Rather, it is a eulogy for Rob the brother and an elegy for Ford Nation the movement.
According their online tally, the Indigo at Yorkdale sold 137 copies yesterday and still has 243 in stock.

The shop at Mount Sinai hospital stocked a less optimistic 25 and today still has them all.

Without Doug there to attract Ford Nation, yesterday Yorkdale only sold 13 copies. Two at Mount Sinai.

And don't worry, this will be my final update.
Upon seeing the book at Indigo, I did what the stereotypically aliterate Ford follower would do and immediately gravitated to the pictures--and what struck me is how (notwithstanding clothing and haircut fashions of whatever day) basically *normal* the family looked through the 70s and 80s, in their blue-collar aristocratic way. Even Rob doesn't necessarily look like a foretelling of future fatf*ckitude.

Appearances can be deceiving. Given everything we know about the details of growing up in that home, I think it's fair to say the Fords were never normal in any sense of the word. In another, better time, they might not have felt sufficiently emboldened to let their freak flag fly in quite so public a manner...but then, a hidden freakshow is still a freakshow.

And the media did cover for them, to an extent. Right up to the point where the toilet really began to overflow and it was impossible to ignore.

Between the Fords and "Trump's America", it's like something happened over the past quarter century or more that's turned onetime happy regular-looking folk into pained, contorted grotesques...a societal something-or-another than goes beyond raw economics. (It's a good thing Toronto Life reproduced a lot of those.)

I think it's a combination of globalism eating the world alive for the past 30 years, as well as the attendant rise of tabloid celebrity "culture." People are famous now just for being famous, and if bad behavior will accomplish that end as easily as anything that involves looks or talent...well, what the fuck, right?
From the "Closer To A Ford Free Toronto" FB page:



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So are we betting The Green Party will be pursuing the recount by proxy for the Democrats? Good tactic if they do.
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