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Roads: Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration (City of Toronto, UC)

March 24
Only a small crew on site working on landscaping. A 2nd entrance will be going into the plaza on the east side of the current one, with landscaping for the old and new area east of it to the Beamish street. The new land area between Beamish and Kipling will house at least 3 towers.

Some work was taking place on the south side but not sure what as the crew was standing around.

The road curb on the north side will have to be move out from the plaza to Auckland to match the new Dundas Rd.
More up on site












April 29
The Old Dundas is now open to Kipling and hope they place a medium there as a fair number of driver are making an illegal left turn onto Kipling.

The short road between the old Dundas and the New Bloor has been built, but not pave. Lot more sidewalk being built, but not connected at the intersections

Medium being built for centre traffic lights as well at Beamish to stop left turns onto Dundas

Working on rebuilding Bloor St west of Kipling with retaining wall for the plaza as well the Dundas and Dunbloor intersection.

Lot more photos up on site.















I can't believe they actually sprung for ornamental streetlights. It's not the most inspired design, but it looks like they were actually designed as opposed to being purely utilitarian fixtures like the ones on Bloor Street in Yorkville.
^^^ Great pictures!!!

Does the recent Covid 19 economic fallout for the City of Toronto affect the development of these lands going forward?
Does the recent Covid 19 economic fallout for the City of Toronto affect the development of these lands going forward?

Short answer is Yes but probably not in an obvious way. Developers will take a couple years to figure out what is still selling and any design adjustments necessary.

There are scenarios where everybody leaves the city. If you can live in Whistler BC with a downtown Toronto banker salary; why wouldn't you? I can also see the land being more valuable. If people work from home ~3 days per week, larger units (2 bed + 2 office) may be in demand.

We might even see a move to a shared office space as a condo amenity like the shared exercise and party rooms; buildings without work-from-home accommodations may have less value (like those with 8 foot ceilings).
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^Keep in mind that a) Tory has promised that Six Points will have a substantial component of “affordable housing” and b) the area is designated as a City Centre, implying some element of mixed use as opposed to “condos, condos, condos” and c) so far, the land is still city-owned.
Between changes in what will sell post- Covid, and the need to reconcile some diverging development goals, I suspect that developing this area will take forever and be hugely controversial.
Or maybe the usual Etobicoke politics will prevail, the developers will set the tune, and the politicians will roll over on city building.

- Paul
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I feel like work has slowed down noticeably on this project...

The pylons are placed different every time I go through the zone, and I have actually seen workers and equipment at work within the last few days.

- Paul
Dundas is down to a single lane in each direction east of Aukland, that indicates work is about to start on rebuilding the centre road with a medium first, then do the curb lane.

Fail to shot it while shooting the other sites, will take a look later on this week as to what new.

They were installing the planter edges on the south side and there are trees there to be planted in the planters.