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The go stop is hardly in a walkable distance from here, several kilometers away across farmers feilds.
I think you are talking about the train station in East Guillumbury, the Newmarket GO station is located at Eagle and Davis Drive. the Newmarket Go Train station is located near main and Davis, but it is only a train station and no buses go into that. the GO station over at Eagle is the busiest transit hub for the whole area, with GO, yrt and VIVA buses operating from it 21 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
These will NOT be Newmarket's first high-rises. There are roughly 12 to 15 buildings that would be considered high-rises and one is as tall as this project and was built next to the city's main park and water feature....
you are right, I got a little excited there.

There are 8 highrises already. the one you are talking about on Eagle (13 stories), and then also two at Yonge and William Roe (10 storeys each), and then five on davis drive near lorne (all around 12 storeys). All of these were build between 1950 and 1990.

These two are still going to be almost double as tall as the tallest thing in Newmarket, especially because the site is at a high altitude part of the town (the one you were talking about is located near fairy lake, the lowest part of the town).
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I pass through occasionally, but there's not much to report at Slessor Square other than the fact that they've decided to use the space to park school buses. Oh, and the sign is up and the old underground gasoline storage tanks from the old facility have been taken out. BTW, for all you folks that enjoy the haute-couture lifestyle, Tar-gét is ready to open soon across the street at Upper Canada Mall. ;)

The Davis Drive Rapidway is moving along with most of the buildings and utilities moved back or taken down. This will be a huge improvement to a very old and very busy stretch of road. It is still largely used as the main truck route to get across town east-west.
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The project is now marketed Redwood on Yonge under the new ownership, Redwood Properties. Architect seems to be IBI Group, or at least I saw their logo on one of the boards on the public meeting photos on the Redwood on Yonge website.

These renders are already several years old (2017) so plans may have changed since then. However, with the last post in this thread being from 2013, it is about time for a bump.






A project like this doesn't really just die. Likely will be reworked behind the scenes, a development/investment partner will be found, or sold to another proponent.