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Queen Elizabeth Theatre Expansion (Exhibition Place)


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Jan 13, 2008
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St Lawrence Market Area
Since there seem to be plans to renovate the QE Theatre and greatly increase its capacity I am creating this thread.


"The existing capacity of the QET is 2157 with 1300 theatre seating and the renovations proposed by the Tenant would increase this capacity to 3047. At present, Toronto has a lack of live concert venues that fulfill this particular capacity niche and with the closing of Massey Hall for major renovations over the next three years, the need will grow."


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Jun 26, 2009
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Huh, they're going the retractable seating route, similar to Massey Hall:
The Tenant is proposing the following renovations to the QET:
• Replace the fixed theatre (1300) seating with 1200 retractable theatre seating to allow the theatre to operate in two different modes.
• Mode 1 would be as a standing room only general admission concert venue with a capacity of 3047.
• Mode 2 would be as a ticketed theatre with a seated capacity of 1200.
• The Theatre would only be allowed to operate in one of these two distinct modes at any one time. There would not be any events held that could have standing room as well as seated capacity.​
• The addition / construction of two new balconies on the west and east side of the theatre with a standing capacity of 77 and 78 people respectively.
• Additional washrooms facilities that will increase capacity from 17 female and 15 male total washroom fixtures to 25 female and 27 male total washroom fixtures. In addition to this increase in fixtures, there will be 3 universal washrooms added.
• Upgrade the front lobby
• Refurbish the interior lobby artwork.