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Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

Why not? This is the guy who used his brother's funeral as a campaign event.

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  • 2016.03.28 Thumbs up, Doug!.png
    2016.03.28 Thumbs up, Doug!.png
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I would have given Elliot (or Mulroney) a chance just for a change but the PC’s lost my vote when they chose Greasy Doug, the evil brother of stupid Rob. I don’t think the Liberals deserve all the negative criticism they receive. Raising Ontario Hydro’s rates was a screwup but Ontario Hydro is ALWAYS a screwup. They are a huge crown corporation that has a history of questionable if not totally partisan behaviour depending on who’s in power at Queens Park. At least Wynn rolled back the increase a bit, to her credit. I also supported the Liberal’s bill to raise the minimum wage and I like their election platform in general. I’ll be voting Liberal.
Wait, they rolled back the hydro rate increase by paying us with our own money which will in years to come cost even more of our money to cover.
Just saying.

I really don't care how anyone votes, I gave up on politics, I just wanted to point that out in the interest of clarity.
Probably an auto-followback. His account is set to do that. Not really a surprise if this is new because Doug didn't do much with his Twitter account between elections.
More than half of decided or leaning voters plan to vote for Tories in June election: poll

It will barely be a contest.

The voting public, ignorant and apothetic as it is, has finally had enough with the lying, corrupt, irresponsible and economy destroying Liberal party & it’s gang leader Kathleen the ‘Handout Queen’ Wynne.

Enough is enough. She will finally be turfed come June and let’s hope that the businessman gets down to business.