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Pre-con Detached


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Jan 10, 2008
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I've been looking out for Toronto pre-con detached homes near the TTC. I noticed GoldHawk Gardens is a new pre-con infill site South of Steeles. Unfortunately I discovered the (first come, first served) project too late as pre-registration began in June '11 so I missed out on chance to acquire a unit. Is there a way to avoid such a disappointment? Is there a resource that could keep me apprised of new projects? I would appreciate any suggestions?

On a side note. Does anyone know what the price range of the Goldhawk 35-39 foot lots are selling for?
Unfortunately it's been a while (at least 8 years) since I last looked seriously at pre-con detached homes. Even back then I found that the selection was limited, as you can imagine. You can always try to pick up a New Homes magazine, you know the ones freely distributed near the front of supermarkets? That and/or partner up with a qualified agent. Good luck!
If you look at Treasure Hill Homes' website, it says that 1 lot remains. I guess someone backed out, cause I know this sold out a few days after it opened.
could they be selling the model home lot?

They didn't build any model homes. Everything was purchased from plans. They had 75 lots only.

To the original poster: I almost forgot, prices were around 600K for small 35 ft lot to high 600s for same lot but around 2500 sq ft. For 39 ft, they started at 720K to 800K for 2900 sq ft.

Pricey, but still cheaper than Upper Unionville.