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PATH Network Expansion (various, various, various)

lol i just interpreted as a lot of hype for a new advertisement / poster. Or maybe some sort of lighting feature / LED Screen that will brighten up the space.
Curious to know the status of the ICE-MLS path construction... By this time the work was supposed to switch sides of the street to complete the second half of the tunnel under the MLS side of York. Hasn't happened yet. Not sure what the status of this is.
Hard to get a good vantage point for this site with all the trees and window dirt in the way, but here are some shots anyway:






It doesn't look like they are anywhere near ready to cover up that side of the street yet.
From Cadillac Fairview:

Update: PATH Extension – Construction Project

Construction to extend the PATH connection from Maple Leaf Square to the ICE Condos and 16 York St. has been ongoing this year with an anticipated completion date in mid to late 2020.
Once completed, the PATH connection from Maple Leaf Square will be located in Longo’s, adjacent to Starbucks.

Phase II of this project will commence the week of November 18th where the construction work will be switching to the east side of York Street, as illustrated below.

Please note the following:

  • Pink arrows indicate the flow of traffic travelling north/south.
  • Green highlighted pedestrian walkway has narrowed from the revolving doors towards the e11even restaurant.
  • Black benches will not be accessible and will fenced off within the construction zone.
Not sure when this happened, but the place where the tunnel connects to Longo's at 15 York is now tarped off:


There is this sophisticated device pointed in that general direction above ground:





Anyone can share what it is? The workers are pouring some grey powder from those bags nearby into machine's business end, than something lowers into that powder and it does it's thing.
I believe that is waterproofing material that would be being inserted along the edges of the excavation - kind of like a mini-shoring and waterproofing combination - in advance of breaking through the Maple Leaf Square / Longo's wall - to prevent water from running from the tunnel being built into the Longo's store.

A similar rig, complete with the bags of grey powder, being mixed and inserted into the hole, was being used for the Metrolinx Ontario Line ground sampling on Wellington Street West at Bathurst Street, where waterproofing was required because of the number of under the road utility services in the area.
Thanks for the photo update! The past few days I've heard a lot more trucks and noise around here. Hoping the sidewalk and tree boxes get complete soon on the 16 York side of the street. At least get that sidewalk open again