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Ontario Science Centre - Pedestrian Bridge

Does anyone know what exactly is wrong with the bridge?
An architect for the company pitching for redevelopment of the Ontario Place indicates that a good portion of the Ontario Place structure has to come down for any new development, including a move of the OSC because the artificial islands that currently have structures don’t meet the 100 year storm surge rating and need to be raised 2m. To do that all the current structures need to come down. The new structures would be built on raised islands and they want it to include a gigantic glass spa and “wellness” centre (wellness=woo), along with a new Science Centre. I can guess the project would include condos because of the Ontario line.

Meanwhile, fix the damn OSC bridge!
Does anyone know what exactly is wrong with the bridge?
All the displays and lighting is still on (and has been for much of last year). My guess is some structural rehab or something but really strange no official word. There are visible cracks along the edge seen below no idea if an issue.

Is there no access to the exhibits on the lower levels in the ravine??
I went over winter break. They are taking everyone up & down by shuttle bus. They don't even mention the option to walk down so only those who had been before knew they could do that. It is a colossal waste of resources.

There are no permits applied for/pulled in regard to the Pedestrian Bridge at the OSC.
God or whatever deity...this is depressing! /bleh
Wondering if anyone on this forum has any insight into how long it might be before the pedestrian bridge that joins the top of the Science Centre to the all the main halls will be back open again.

Currently (for the last year) they've have shuttle busses ferrying everyone up and down.

I talked to someone there and they said work hasn't even begun yet (not sure what has to be done?) and they're still assessing what the issue is.

I figure if anyone knows what might be going on it might be someone on here.

The Science Centre is such a gem. I hope it's open again soon.

Has anyone seen any documentation as to just why the bridge is closed?
I've asked this several times and the answer is always required maintenance and no timeline; yet no discernable work is/has been done for well over a year and a half. Nothing further if you probe with follow up questions which seems quite odd. Either the reasons why aren't shared internally, or they are keeping it quiet for some reason...
We know the plan to move was brought up some years before the announcement. It is also entirely possible they knew the future of the building and decided not to do work. But again why keep it quiet at this junction is puzzling.