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Need Reno Help Including Railings in Toronto, Furnace, Flooring, Painter and More

Sep 6, 2016

I am doing my first home flip and so I am going to try to project manage the reno myself. If anyone could help out with the following trades that I need in Toronto I would greatly appreciate.

I need someone to do railings, install a furnace, gut out moldy bathtub and floor and install new, painter, plumber, electrician, new kitchen cabinets and someone to install a new roof.


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Sep 5, 2017
Are you looking for actual trade recommendations in the Toronto area (for which I cannot help)? All I can offer is get multiple detailed quotes. For a furnace, you would want a heating load calculation; getting an oversized furnace can be as problematic as getting an undersized one. A competent HVAC contractor will (should take into account factors such as ducting layout and efficiency, insulation, etc.
Keep in mind that anything done will have to be to current applicable codes, which may involve upgrading related systems, such as plumbing and wiring.
Permits, permits, permits.

Edit: Make sure any trades are licenced in your municipality, qualified by their trade council if applicable and insured.
Sep 8, 2016
Well, I can help with a few trades based on my experiences, but I can't help with a painter, electrician, kitchen cabinets or a new roof. Ones I have used and was happy with (but of course do your own due diligence are as follows:

1) For railings in Toronto, I was happy with Toronto Custom Railings at 416-451-5052 and www.torontocustomrailings.com. They did great work for outdoor iron railings that I needed. For glass railings in Toronto I think you can save a little money by going with their sister company, Toronto Glass Railings at 416-272-4452 and www.torontoglassrailings.ca. I think since the later only do glass stuff there are some savings that are passed along.

2) For the furnace, if you need it repaired or a new one, you can try Toronto Furnace Repair at 416-825-2106 or www.furnacetoronto.ca. I have also had good experience with Toronto Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair at 416-962-5678 and www.acandfurnace.com.

3) Moldy and dirty showers and floors and such, I have seen remarkable transformations from Grout Gorilla at 416-761-9568 and www.groutgorilla.com. Quite amazing what they can do.

4) For a plumber in Toronto I would say GoFlow Toronto Plumbers & Drains at 416-651-5454 and www.goflowtorontoplumbers.com. They are pretty quick and friendly and prices are not cheap but fair.

5) And if you are doing a flip and need a real estate agent in Toronto, someone who we have used who is real nice but also quite good at getting maximum return for clients is Nahrin at Toronto's Trusted Real Estate Agent at 416-651-0110 and www.toptorontorealestateagent.com.

Sorry that I couldn't help with the rest but I didn't have direct experience with the other trades so I really don't know.