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Movie Theatres in Toronto - Old and New

Odeon Humber is no more...


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The facade of the A&A Auto Clinic at 1202 Woodbine is one of my favourite spots in the whole city. I love the aesthetics of auto shops. In a city that's obsessed with a cheap minimalism it's a relief to get this splash of colour and clutter. I usually only see it when driving by, but I had a rare chance to take some photos on foot the other day. There have been a couple of cases where I've waited to long to get photos of shops and missed out when they end up demolished.


Here's an earlier iteration from 2009 streetview. You can't really create something like this from scratch, it has to grow over time.

While I was taking photos, one of the guys from the shop invited me inside to take a look and told me that the building was an old theatre. I only took a couple of photos because people were working and I felt like I was intruding.


I couldn't see the ceiling at all because of the lights, but when I got home I could see that some of the ceiling ornamentation was still there.


I didn't know it was a theatre and I also didn't know its connection to director Sidney J. Furie, so turns out you can learn something from standing round and taking photos.


Here are a couple of additional links.


Anyhow, for me, this is as good as it gets.