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Mississauga Transit Fares Increase Effective February 27



Mississauga Transit Fares Increase Effective February 27

Feb 20, 2006

Effective Monday, February 27, the Mississauga Transit cash fare will increase 25 cents, to $2.50 per ride. All other fares will also increase.

"Any decision to increase Mississauga Transit bus fares is made with great reluctance," said Bill Cunningham, director of Mississauga Transit. "We realize that this increase may cause hardship for some of our customers, however the additional revenues generated are necessary to offset increasing operating costs in 2006."

Increases in other fare categories include a 10 cent increase in all ticket prices, a $1 increase in all weekly pass prices, a $1 increase in monthly GO Transit sticker prices and a 25 cent increase in the one-way rate to Paramount Canada's Wonderland on Mississauga Transit's Wonderland Express service. An annual senior's pass will now cost $250 and a monthly senior's pass $25, and charter rates will also increase $15, to $125 per hour. Blind patrons and pre-school aged children will continue to ride free of charge.

Historically, Mississauga operates its transit system with a revenue-to-cost (R/C) ratio of approximately 55 per cent. This means that while 55 per cent of Mississauga Transit's operating costs come directly from fare box revenue, the remaining 45 per cent must be covered by municipal taxes. This figure is comparable to transit systems in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Montreal.

"Although we receive provincial gas tax funding, these monies are required to provide additional service and grow transit ridership and do not help our day-to-day operations," said Cunningham. "The additional fare revenue is used to partially offset escalating operating costs and to maintain our 55 per cent revenue to cost ratio."

For more information, contact Mississauga Transit Director Bill Cunningham at

905-615-3200, extension 3868.