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Mississauga Peer Review for GO 3rd Track Expansion



I sure miss this in November for Council meeting and don’t remember seeing this on any agenda on Mississauga Website. It could have been added at the last minute. I was also appeared before council and it was not heard at that sitting.

Another good example of NIMBY related to transit.

In November, Council authorizes that a Peer Review be done on the Lakeshore Rail Lines in Clarkson area in regard to GO 3rd track expansion program. This was related to the noise and vibration issues surrounding not only the 3rd track, but also the existing 2 tracks. At all the Public meets held by GO for the Mississauga-Oakville 3rd track expansion, noise and vibration issues were raise.

The City retained Jade Acoustics Inc. to review the process undertaken by RWDI Air Inc. on behalf of URS Canada Inc, GO Consulting firm for the expansion program.

On February 6, 2006, a meeting was held with the Mayor, Councilor Mullin, ratepayer representatives and interesting local residents to discuss the report from Jade. GO representatives were also in attendance.

Jade report backs up what GO has stated at all the public meetings as well the number of local taxpayer meets as to what GO was going to do for the 3rd track to deal with the issues for noise and vibration for the whole project. It was also stated what CN was going to do for the existing tracks and this has not change since the last fall Public Meeting in 2005.

The fall plan calls for the placement of rubber pad between the ties and tie plates along with 150mm of ballast below the base ties to dampen the vibration issues for the 3rd track between Port Credit and Clarkson GO Station. The same thing will happen to the 2 existing tracks for CN as existing worn out ties are replace with new ones. Replacing all CN existing ties in this area will be done over the next 30 years or sooner.

GO will be moderating the noise and vibration on a regular base after the 3rd track is built and will make any adjustment as needed.

On some RR place their pads under the rail and the tie plate.

The noise and vibration issues have been raised on all GO expansions projects these past few years.

In all cases, 2 tracks should be added not the just one, as this would allow GO to have one track for itself in most areas to offer better service than the current 60 minutes for all day service or no service at all. Also, it would cut down on future cost and inconvenience to build the other track some where around 2021 or beyond by doing it now.

Service should be every 30 minutes once the new tracks are in place. If GO and the Government really want to get people out of their cars, GO needs to offer 10-15 minutes outside peak time using DMU’s/EMU’s 4-6 car trains and leave the current trains for peak time or beak them down for off peak time.

NIMBY expect both CP and CN to remove their trains off this line and run them else where with no thought given to the fact that there are industries along this line that requires servicing of freight cars as well being CP gateway to the state today.

How do they expect their goods and food to get to them considering they may have to travel thousands of miles from where they are grown or manufacture and what is the best method of doing this in the first place? Each train can take close to 500 trucks off the road while reducing the cost of shipping and saving of fuel. I guess they want more trucks on the road.

These NIMBY are lucky to have the amount of trains running along the line today compare to the 50’s along with diesel compare to steam locos; otherwise it is train time any time and smoke all over the place. I hate to think what these NIMBY would do with the amount of train traffic that existed in the 50’s-60’s for CN before they built the Halton Sub in this area today. Then they forget there is going to be more train as people move from their cars to train as well more demand for goods to be delivery by freight as more people move into the GTA area.

As for the City of Mississauga, money wasted for this Peer Review as well allowing residential housing been built so close to the tracks in the first place when a green belt should had been built next to the tracks in the first place. The City still did not learn a lesson after the 79 derailment by allowing new residential unites built by the existing tracks ROW.

As for measuring the noise level, the current MTO method is flaw and there will be more than 5dBA increase of noise between 6.00 am and 7.00 pm along with the 1.9dBA for vibration and GO needs to change this method now.

A letter from GO dated February 20, 2006 was sent to Mississauga Commissioner of Transportation and Works confirming what GO was going to do in letter form as request by the City. This letter out line what GO was going to do regarding the noise and vibration issue for the Lakeshore 3rd track. Also, it stated that both the noise and vibration issue existed long before the homes were built and they were willing to cooperatively with the community to further vibration issue.

It also states that GO have gone beyond the requirements and comments to further mitigation of the effect of the railway corridor expansion. Also, that GO EA assessment process has appropriated the addressed concerns regarding noise and vibration, and that a bum-up request is not warranted. If the city requested a bump-up, then we have a Federal C EA on our hands and this expansion will be delay until 2010 at the earliest instead of 2007-08 now.

I will backup GO on this as they have gone beyond the mandate for this EA like TTC did on St Clair ROW by holding more public meetings and having numerous meeting with the taxpayers as well with the Mayor and Councilor Mullin.

It is time to tell these folks either live with it or move else where if they don’t like it since it was their fault in the first place for not doing their homework before buying their house next or near a railroad line along with other things in their area. I support all GO rail expansion programs except the Georgetown Line for the Blue22 in Weston.




Not only can we expect more frieght to be carried by rail, passenger service within the Golden Horshoe will also increase. TO is reaching the size where you can't get more cars on the roads or even build more roads.


"In all cases, 2 tracks should be added not the just one"

Hold on, we can't invest all our transportation eggs in one basket. After all when, roads are expanded it's usully just a third lane added. There's probably lots of major highways in Canada that are just a single lane (like single rail tracks). I think all this talk about rail expansion should wait until the major road systems catch up and we get that third lane on the 401 and 427 and..


Adding 2 track makes sense as GO then would have one track for itself in most area to offer all day service every 60 minutes. Having 2 tracks for themselves, would be able to offer service less than 30 minutes service.

Today, CN, CP and VIA share the exist one or 2 tracks and that does not make it easy for GO to offer less than 60 minutes now outside peak time. Even at peak time, trains are only running one way and that can be done on one track in the first place.

Freight trains are schedule on a need base, not a schedule time. The only freight trains that are schedules are hot shots and on demand.

The cost of putting in a 2nd track for the lakeshore is only 35% more than the current cost. The extra cost is for the rail and signals. In some place, a bridge will have to be widened. Most of the lakeshore is 3 tracks now except between Oakville and Port Credit which is 2 tracks. The ROW is wide enough for 5 tracks in places, but most cases 4 tracks.

GO Ridership is higher than the east and it has higher demand for better service.

As I stated, if GO ran 4 car DMU/EMU it would get more riders using the system. Also, the cost of a 4 car DMU/EMU is cheaper both on capital as well operating cost even with extra crews.

Also, by offering 5-10 minute service at peak time, it would make the loading and off loading time faster. By having 500 people getting off at Union at one time compare to the current 1,200, it will allow riders to get off the platform sooner and freeing up space for the next train.

Now add in the extra 2 cars that are to added to each train starting in 2007along with 2 more in the coming year, it will come a bitch to try to get off those train and down the stairs and wasting more riders time.

Also, having that extra capacity, it would allow GO to offer various types of express trains that could use the 3rd track for both peak and off peak time.

This for the Lakeshore line and if you look at the Georgetown line, it has more problems since the Georgetown line is part of the Halton sub. This is the mainline for CN. It is train time is anytime for this line. Adding the 2nd track to the existing one is going to open up more room for CN and the short line contrary to what GO and CN have stated. This line needs 2 lines period and I have state this at both EA meeting as well in my EA report.