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Miscellany Toronto Photographs: Then and Now

Spadina and Richmond SW corner:



Old halfway house, Kingston Road at Midland (N/W corner), 1926 CTA
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Halfway House was moved to Black Creek Pioneer Village
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While I know the old photo was the state it was in in 1926 (w/whatever alterations over the years), I wonder how many liberties were taken in the restoration, to make it a more "idealized" version of pre-Confederation architecture--something which was common practice in restoration (think Colonial Williamsburg) before a higher standard of historical/archaeological correctness came to be the norm over the past half century...
Yonge at Bloor, S/W corner (1912)
Stollery's Men's Store was here in 1912 & remained until current construction.
Stollery's Men's Store 1912.jpg

Image from 2021
Yonge-Bloor S:W corner 2021.jpg