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Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

Looks great, now to find some vehicles!

The Hurontario LRT is especially interesting to me as being a rail transit project in the GTA outside Toronto makes it unprecedented, just like the TYSSE to Vaughan

I find also the dispute about the fly-over, and the city center loop, Brampton cancelling and wanting it underground or a route outside Main street, and how this line will (eventually) connect 3 GO train lines outside of the downtown Toronto core, interesting.
The Hurontario Line may be renamed the "Hazel McCallium Line" when it opens, in or around 2024. Planning for the formally named "Huronatario LIne" began in Spring 2020, when Hazel McCallium was still mayor (until 2014).

Planning for the formally named "Eglinton Crosstown Line" (Line 5) began in 2007, when David Miller was still mayor (until 2010). Maybe they should use the "David Miller Line" for the Crosstown when it opens later in 2022?

That means the formally named "Ontario Line" might be renamed the "Rob Ford Line".

Could that also mean the "Finch West Line" might be renamed the "Giorgio Mammoliti Line, when it opens in 2023? :eek::eek: o_O
Will it be possible to see the Finch West Maintenance Facility during Open Doors?
This would be interesting but the scale of this MSF is much smaller than the Crosstown MSF. Finch West is still a huge mess around the MSF area making this not a friendly site to access at the moment. Maybe things will change in a few months.
I think they are proposing one car units to be used on Finch West but can they be used as 2 car units if ridership increases and are the stations being built large enough to handle double units?