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looking to join a brokerage


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Nov 14, 2010
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First of all I would like to take this opportunity to say Hi to all forum members. My name is Yama Saighani, Lived all my life in Mississauga area.

Now my Question/opinion?

I am in process of final stage to get my license as Real Estate Representative/agent. I am starting my 2 week course November 16 and hoping to get it all done by December 15.

I am looking for Brokerage to join, I will be new to this field but with lots of experience in sells,people,communication.

If There is anyone out their who can give me advice where I should look, to book a interview with them please do let me know.
I know all these big names out there but their desk fees and commission is sky high compare to what we do and what they offer.
Why should I pay so much for a brokerage because they have the name brand. While client who are looking at the house don't really care who the brokerage is.

so please let me know of any good brokerage with lots of training, also any advice from those who attended 2 week class will be appreciated. What should I expect from class?
here is email if any one would like to forward me any info or just post here.