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Looking for an Industrial builder contact


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Nov 18, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

I am a candidate appraiser with the Appraisal institute of Canada currently working on my demonstration appraisal course via the University of British Columbia (UBC). Part of that is working out a cost estimate or replacement cost new for the subject property I am doing the demo appraisal on. The property is an industrial warehouse in Mississauga near the airport. This work is strictly academic in nature and no estimate given by would be used for any real world application. I have derived a base cost per sq. ft. (replacement cost new to build my structure) and just need to confirm with a developer or builder if I am in the ball park...

If anyone knows someone working at an industrial property construction company or development company that might be able to give me 5 mins of their time so I could run my estimation by them, I would hugely thankful. This is sort of a last resort as I have tried to reach 25 companies already with no call backs. Please Private Message me if you have any ideas or contacts that might be able to help me...

Much thanks in advance!