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Lobbyist Registry mandatory January 1 in Vaughan

City of Vaughan

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Mar 20, 2017
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City is one of just six Ontario municipalities to voluntarily implement this system

The Lobbyist Registry is part of the City of Vaughan’s comprehensive

commitment to a culture of excellence in government. It ensures that all City business is open and transparent, that businesses are treated fairly and that citizens continue to have access to their local leaders. Effective Jan. 1, 2018 lobbying activities must be registered.

Led by Lobbyist Registrar Suzanne Craig, the Lobbyist Registry tracks communication between public officials and people or businesses that have the intention to effect changes to legislation, regulations, programs etc. It ensures that people who want to influence Members of Council and staff detail who is being spoken to, on whose behalf and what is being discussed.

The Registry will benefit all members of the community:
  • The City of Vaughan functions more effectively with active engagement with the public and strong working relationships with businesses.
  • The people of Vaughan are entitled, and encouraged, to freely express themselves as citizens and to access municipal services.
  • Businesses are entitled to a level playing field to work for and with the City, and to operate in Vaughan.

“The City of Vaughan is a leader in advancing a culture of excellence in governance. We are proud of our commitment to open government, upholding values of trust, transparency and accountability. Recognizing that lobbying is a positive contributor to the governing process, I believe it is important to promote a government framework which focuses on giving people access to information. Making the registry mandatory helps create a level playing field for everyone who is communicating with public office holders and ensures City business is being done in a manner that reflects the City’s high standards.Together, we will continue to maintain and strengthen the integrity of our City.”
-Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua

  • Lobbying activities can be registered both pre- and post-activity
  • Lobbyist Registries do not affect citizens and residents accessing government services or speaking out on behalf of their communities.
  • Everyday communication with the City of Vaughan as a resident or citizen does not count as lobbying.
  • The City actively encourages residents to continue to engage with their local government, to speak out on the issues that matter to them and to get involved in their communities.
  • Out of 444 municipalities in Ontario, the City is one of 38 to have an Integrity Commissioner, one of 19 to have an Internal Auditor, one of eight to have an anonymous reporting system and one of six to voluntarily implement a Lobbyist Registry.